Giving up on what I want isn’t on my TO-DO LIST !!!


I’m not that kind of girl that give up so easily, I hate to lose, when I started this new journey I created something strong, something I can’t touch it with my nails but only with my heart and brain, it was the WILL, Yeah I will finish this journey and take all the risks and let go of the past, I will be more open up to other people, in the end not all people bite :p!


 It’s so amazing to focus on the people around me those who care and love me, those who would sacrifice and did sacrifice a lot for me.

My mother has been away for about two mounts, I promised her that I will be responsible and be a good girl,  I miss her so much, I wish I can be just right where she is to give her lots of hugs she needs that, and so do I !

But this it, life is experiencing me, giving me chances and taking others. Thanks to god that I don’t lose my self grip when I’m mad! >_< ….I take it as a gift i’m so grateful to god.

I want to prove to my mom, my brother, my sisters, and the best friends someone can ever has, that I can do more than they can ever imagine. if I ever felt sad life would push me forward, and I just love how it goes!!!

I’m not giving up, not now, nor tomorrow nor after that.

Lesson learned :

“God gave me a gift, which is life, I gotta take it, save it, and be mature on handling it”

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