Keeping hope … Mother I love you!

I used to believe that my family doesn’t support me a lot in doing the things I like to do the most, but I realized that I haven’t been looking from their corner, I wasn’t blind but I just didn’t try to look. 

I spend the whole summer trying to learn new songs on guitar, and it was amazing, I myself didn’t believe that I can play guitar.

 it wasn’t so easy to learn them all at once, but I kept going one by one, and I felt like I have accomplished something…

It’s really amusing that feeling after doing something you think is good …And yeah I found out that my family supports me as long as they know that I’m doing the right thing.

I like it when my dad calls me to drink a cup of tea with him! he makes me feel special and noticed.

My mother is sick, I’m always in touch with her, afraid to lose her but am gathering the hope, and keep praying that she will be fine.

I’m always  thankful to all of my family, without them I wouldn’t be who I am, though we argue and do not agree in some points, but our love and the fact that we’re faithful for each other, keep us strong and looking forward .

I miss my mother a lot, she has been away for five months till now,


 I dislike the emptiness she left behind her, we start knowing how valuable she was when she was here, I regret that I wasn’t so close to her in the past.

She used to be the the weapon of my self-vindication, she defends me a lot,

I miss seeing that angelic joy on her face when something good happens to one of us,

she keeps us all together in the rough times and in the happiest moments,

I’m just so grateful to have her in my life, though she’s far I always feel like she’s here and she never left… by keeping her in touch.

The media and the internet is such a bless definitely !

I almost lost hope on her, when I knew she’s so sick, now I’m really grateful to god and to everyone who saved her, I wish I can thank them one by one personally if I can!

this lesson is for the life time: keep hope on your family because they will never ditch you in rough!

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