Be praised from a New perspective

some people see their glass half-full, others see it full, and all I see is a mixture of both, it makes me optimist, and pushes me to look forward ! 


Sometimes, you just want to enjoy the moment you’re living and forget about the past or the people’s talk, and feel reckless, or it’s your last day so why wont you enjoy it?

sometimes, you just want to feel free whethe you’re being admired or not… in the end it’s your life!

I don’t know what got in to me today, I woke up early in the morning, and I just felt alive and I wanted to have a good day, so here it is, I took some pictures like I dont care about anything, I played guitar and I ate lot of cookies not carrying about my weight or anything else! I just wanted to feel the moment!

I went out I saluted  everyone I met outside! It was wonderful and I felt living!
Life is short we don’t know if our glass is full or half-full we have and must benefit as much as we can! life is beautiful life is what you make it! so let’s make it right!

And one of things to be be fearless, is to try to be happy, and enjoy your moment!

Dont let anyone force themselves on you with their opinions! Feel free like a bird and express yourself, it’s okey to be reckless sometimes in the aim of happiness!

And remember that If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

Because people will look at you from a new perspective, and you will add a glamour on their lives, so you will be admired and taking as a good person!

6 thoughts on “Be praised from a New perspective

  1. A glass half full-a glass half empty, or a full glass. There are so many things that can be measured to cause one to see in a different way, perhaps influencing or mis-leading us.
    In life I have learned this lesson about the glass…. whatever amount you are served, get the right size glass for it and it will always be full. it is not the amount of filler, it is the size of glass you are that counts. Your life is huge, it can never really be filled, but if you want to take a measure of a moment, then just choose the right glass for that moment and you will always be both full, and still have potential to be refilled.
    Go for it and don’t let anyone choose a glass size for you!

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