Nature inspires me

I have to admit that sometimes I get that sense of exhaustion of going to college everyday crossing a long distance to attend my courses and some teachers may not come sometimes….
But then I search deep inside why am I doing this ?? Why am I here?? What does it all mean to me? The answer is always the same it’s what I’m living for, and I would like to keep it private because it’s not that personal but I have a special intimacy with that subject if I start talking about I won’t stop lol… Honestly I have to admit that te nature inspire me a lot like nothing else does, it’s so beautiful if I would do one single thing without stopping for my whole life it would be looking to what god has created looking to these spectacular sights, this magnificent nature, those green fields, that huge skies with all the changes of the seasons, the sea with those high waves, the rivers and its whistling sound, I love to wake up everyday to see a beautiful piece of nature that feeds my soul and make me breathe well, all the exhaustion, the loneliness and the stress fade away when I meditate, when I look to what god has created. I’m so grateful for being able to see I can’t take god enough for that. Such a bless.
Lesson learned: ” be fearless, find your inspiration”.


4 thoughts on “Nature inspires me

      • The problem with us, humans is that we try to change the world, instead we should leave the world as it is and let the nature nurture and evolve it, and we should accept, understand and protect it.

      • I totally agree with you! the problem is that people are generating very fast and it’s a wrong thing to do if they stop them!! that’s why they need more places to live, it’s a contradictory subject!!! so it’s okay if they build new stuffs but at the same time they must add a green space to it!!! and leave the jungles safe and sound!

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