My Music Playlist

ikramais’s playlist – music playlist.

Some songs that I really enjoy, on my top twenty list!

I hope you will enjoy them as well, I have to admit that music keeps me going everyday, music makes a huge part of my life!
it’s so inspiring, relaxing, and it makes my mind live in another world for a few minutes! which is such a great thing we must do usually!

This playlist is the one I open when I feel like I’m not in the mood or I’m having a low self-esteem, you know it’s so great to define who your favorite artists are, believe in them, in what they say and swallow the inspiration from their music, rise yourself up and kick yourself to a far limit where you can achieve what you want to achieve, music can help you to do all of that, as it did to me, I’m certain that it will do that to you…

I hope you will enjoy listening to my simple playlist…

Much Love… ❤ Ikram

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