Those bullies of mine….And my story in dealing with’em

As most of the kids my parents sent me to a public school, it was pretty exciting for me at the beginning to learn new stuffs about different subjects and meet new people…  yeah new people…  

I remember my years at the middle school where I was the most fat and the tallest girl of my class! yeah I was that BIG …

One of the greatest things that made me a target for those kids was being that BIG for them and everyone was like: LOSE WEIGHT FAT COW!! I have to admit that in the past it hurt me a lot to hear something similar from those I spent eight 136324hours per a day with, and the most hurtful thing was when we were having a team work or a sport activity most of them avoided me…. 

I kept trying to interact with them at first but I failed and I’m not ashamed to say that! so all I did was ignoring them as much as I could, and isolate myself from them till I reached a point where I couldn’t speak to anyone of them!

An other situation where I got bullied was a few years ago, I’ve been attacked by three girls who wanted to take my seat place at the class, I didn’t want to leave my seat for them! who would do that? well and another confusing question how can the three ones of them sit at the same place?? !!!! one of them tried to flip the chair I was sitting at and the other started to curse me and insult me with some vulgar words I never heard someone saying in my whole life!!! I wanted to speak to the teacher but they ran to her before me and told her other stuffs! even I, I was so surprised!! I can’t forget that day ever!! I kept crying, just like kids do, and I went back home and reported everything to my elder brother! the next day we went to the school’s principal and reported everything to him, he was like OK I will deal with IT !! just relax! AND I SWEAR THAT HE NEVER DID !!! 🙂 I didn’t feel like I wanted to go back to school because I felt like I was the joke of the class! but eventually, I had to go back to school!! So I decided to avoid them, I took a chair, a table and put it on the back of the class, and I asked a girl I knew she was good to join me at my table …. I could have revenged and acted the same way as they acted, and attack people as the same way they attacked me, but I choose to do it the hard way! I was teasing them!! 🙂 how? too simply I fat-skinnywas the first of my class for each trimester and the one that gets the best grades in EVERY subject! they went crazy for that! I have to admit that ignoring them was a great thing I did for a while, but later in life I figured out that No man is an island! or that’s why my English teacher kept trying to make me understand it! at some point they were right!! I had to lose weight! so I went through a diet! 🙂 So yeah I went from that pic on the left to the one in the right!!!

Eventually, I figured out that moving on is a bless! So I had to forgive them deep down in myself, without letting them know I did, I didn’t forgave them because they apologized (they never did actually), or because someone told me to! I forgave them because I needed that so I can move on with my life, and see things differently! but the most thing that made me upset and mad! was the fact that they were bullying others…..! and NO ONE was acting about it! even the teachers! I may haven’t reacted wildly when they bullied me, but when they did to that nice redhead girl who was sitting next to me I got upset! It was the first time I ever had to face them! I went to those girls and told them to stop the crap they were doing! because it’s no longer valid! they actually look so stupid, it didn’t make them look any special or different! it was just making them looking worse a day after another!!! when I mentioned how stupid they look I think it was a kind of a punch on the face to them to wake up!! and realize what they were doing!

After that day, I felt like I grew up some fearless attitude inside of me! I wasn’t scared nor worried to tell anyone the truth in their face, and give my opinion fearlessly !

I have to admit that without those bullies I wouldn’t be where I am now! I grew up slowly, a step by step to become fearless! and more confident than I was in the past! Thanks to them I was getting the best grades! thanks to them I developed myself optimism!

My message here is: be who you are, never hurt or bully others, it can harm a lot of people lives, don’t take it as a joke, because this joke can grow up to be something serious and lead others to harm themselves in any possible way just to get forgiveandforgetquotesrid of that pain they think is real! be friendly, be nice, be what you want to be without crossing your limits! and the world will be just FINE …. 

And for those whom are getting bullied, report it, if it’s not working, ignore them, if it’s not working then face them, make them stop that thing they’re doing! don’t behave inappropriately ! forgive them, and move on with your life ! do it for yourself, not for them! I know it’s hard, I’ve been there, and got out safely, as I did, I’m sure you’re strong enough to do as well! I believe in you! focus on positive things, life is beautiful, I know they make it look like it’s the worst place to be at, but trust me, it’s not! we’ve got so much to give! so much to live for, you can’t imagine the opportunities that are waiting for you to take them! never lose hope! go after your dreams and achieve them! don’t tie your life to people nor to objects because they will fade, tie it to a sacred goal and achieve it! that will be the time when you will reach happiness! 

Much love, Ikram ❤

36 thoughts on “Those bullies of mine….And my story in dealing with’em

    • Thank you so much Kelly!!
      I’m very pleased that you found that in what I write 🙂
      Thanks a lot you have no idea how motivating are your kind words
      I love doing this! I’m trying to make people’s lives better 🙂
      Much love ❤

  1. I can’t believe I got about 244 views on this post in less than a day !!! I’m really pleased, and happy for all your encouragements !!!! Much love ❤ Ikram

  2. Unfortunately there are people out there that don’t know any better. Sometimes they bully because they aren’t happy with their own lives. Or they get attention from others, or… the list can go on. You should be very proud of yourself with the way you handled things. Keep staying positive. There are still some of us out there that truly want to see the best in humanity. So I still have hope for the rest who don’t know any better. Who knows, maybe in time they will finally learn. Stay strong! xx

    • Yeah kids bully others for many reasons and list is pretty long !!
      I am very proud 🙂 thank you for seeing that in me! I am staying strong and that phase in my life ended years ago! I’m just telling people about it as I can finally speak about all my experiences freely and fearlessly!!
      Thanks a lot for stepping by you’re amazing!!
      Much love ❤

  3. Seriously, hats off to your fearless attitude! Keep it up! I completely agree with your message that the people who come in our life always affect our life in some profound way. See, without those bullies in your life you would have never realised your potential or strength. And also, without obstacles in our life, life would be like a smoothly paved straight flat road to nowhere. It would safe and comfortable but utterly dull and pointless.
    You are seriously a brave girl. I’m blessed to meet you. Your other articles are also amazing.

    • Thank you so much ! your kind words are very motivating to me you have no idea!!
      Yes eventually, I had to deal with them and learn my lesson and develop myself’s growth
      I have always hated the comfort zone, and when I feel like am at that place, I always do what I can to change that!
      I’m very pleased that you find me a brave girl 🙂 it means a lot!
      Again, thank you so much !! you have no idea how much you’re motivating me !!

  4. It takes real courage to share your story of bullying and how it made you realize how strong you really are. Believing in yourself and forgiving others is what God expects us to replicate. Sharing your story steals even more of their power. Your inner power wins over hate. Keep that strength and power and share it will others who need to know they are not alone.

  5. Oh my I just want to hug you right now! Thank you so much for commenting on my cartwheel post or I would not have found your precious blog! I love your choices. I’m so happy I found your blog! I would like to share a wonderful friend of mine’s blog with you! A gentle way of healing and also I know you will find something there just for you! You are very inspiring and I want to pass inspiration to you! Blessings and love to you! 🙂

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