A year of growing up …

Dear beloved readers,


It has been a very long time since I have ever posted anything.

When I started this blog I was a teenager, a teenager who had low self-esteem felt depressed at many times and didn’t know what to do with her life.

But the only thing that kept that teenager going is her knowing that god has something for her to do on this earth, she believed never lost hope despite anything that happened and pushed it forward, whether this thing was big or small she knew it will change her life.

I haven’t been posting anything because I was going throughout many experiences, from failing in a course to succeeding in an opportunity and from being hated into falling in love with a bunch of amazing people.

I allowed it, I allowed the change to come into my life. Maybe it was always there and I was stopping it somehow, I didn’t see it, or I was so drawn in the past that I couldn’t realize the amount of opportunities I had around me. But this time I had an opportunity, I took it and I embraced it fearlessly. It’s scary, scary to move from a zone where almost nobody recognized you except your teachers at school, and from having one friend into becoming someone very loved by strangers from all over the middle east and north Africa that later become your family. It’s odd to move from a person that was too shy to speak in front of her parents into being a person who can deliver live presentations in front of hundred of persons. I feel very lucky, I feel that god gave me the strength to move from my comfort zone into something new, and challenge myself inside and out to change. Love, Love, love

Growing up is something that comes along with growing old, it’s true. But the question is: ” do we take those opportunities when we get them?” Are we ready to embrace the change in our lives?

If you want to challenge yourself and lead it out of that comfort zone of yours, go out, see the world, meet new people, travel, get lost in a new town, eat new dishes, dance in the streets, go crazy do the things you never dared to do and fall in love with a stranger. Then come back home, and move on with your life and concentrate on what you really want, define it, imagine it, draw it and hang that drawing on your wall so each morning you wake up you can see it right there, and raise your hope on that dream, especially if someone did it before you, that should be the biggest push forward for you to achieve it, because they could, why can’t you?

One of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am very appreciative of is having the most supportive teachers, mentors, friends and some family member. I did have lots of friends who brought some negative vibes into my life that I had to eventually move on with my life without them, but those I appreciate the most are the ones that guided me, motivated me and believed me when I couldn’t believe in myself.

I can name them, their names will be always written on my heart, they are the true love.

You who wants to conquer your fears need to surround yourself with people who can fill your heart with warmth, who will motivate you, people who see something in you most people don’t, even if it’s only one person, I didn’t have them all together, I had each one for a time. You who wants to live fearlessly need to hold on on that someone who sees in you a unique opportunity but don’t overwhelm them with the earth’s issues, just love them back and set them free.

Who ever is in your life is either a blessing or lesson that you need to embrace and learn from. Every conversation is enriching, it’s up to us to create those positive vibes of making it enriching, it’s up to us to bring that positivity into people’s lives. No man is an island, we as individuals grow up together by learning from each other and most importantly by enlarging our point of views.

Never ever ever stop learning, learn learn and learn as much as you can from those around you no matter how old you are, growing up is not growing old, no matter how old you are there must be always an opportunity for you out there, embrace it and learn from it.

Happiness is a state of mind, and so is courage, and fear, and it’s up to you always and what you want to bring into your life.





Fearless Rika