7 Annoying, funny things about Arabs

Dear readers,

So wearing a Hijab and being Muslim doesn’t necessary mean that, that person is Arab…

For example me, I am originally Amazigh but my mother is Arab so … A
nd I was born in Arab area that made me be more Arab than Amazigh

So I thought today about posting something entirely different from my other posts about the most annoying and funny things about Arab people… 152

  1. GOLD, GOLD, it’s all about the GOLD: so basically most of Arabic women LOVE wearing gold, and it must be YELLOW GOLD, when she gets married she needs to buy a bracelet, a new necklace, new earrings ….etc whatever she can get, wearing gold is a part of our rich culture, it will be very shameful for the family of the woman has no gold on her wedding, and she must wear about 10 earrings, 10 rings, in her feet, on her forehead ” Jbeen” and a GOLDEN BELT on her wrist !!!  like seriously!!! Cleopatra should be Arab … was she even wearing any?!
  2. Cousins: Sometimes you find yourself invited to a wedding of someone you never knew in your whole life, you actually meet that person for the first time ever in there wedding, you didn’t even know that that person was your COUSIN !!! shutterstock_294153923-1024x753
  3. Bread: If you’re trying to set a table for Arabs, and it has no bread, just forget it nobody will like to eat the food no matter what you’re trying to serve them. Arabs like to eat everything with bread, fish with bread, meat with bread, pasta with bread, soups with bread, soda with bread ( secretly I saw a video that some Arab people even eat patisseries with bread)
  4. EL 3EEN”: or we can say evil eye, if someone asks you how much money you earn you don’t answer them, you just say ” as much as god decided for me and you add Mashalla ( by god’s willing)”, you never tell the real deal, otherwise someone will give you the 3een and you might fall down, or get kicked out of your work, this 3een is like a laser that goes directly toward your body and kick you to your knees, sometimes even you can give the 3een to yourself if you’re not paying attention…lol
  5. I just woke up but still need to rest more: An Arab never ever wakes up on time, furthermore once he/she wakes up they will ask for a half an hour to rest more, once they do, they will need more 10 minutes to rest a little bit more, Arabs are always tired after having a rest… No one can deny it, it’s a genetic thing ….
  6. Holidays: Arab governments are mostly Islamic states, but they are sort of sneaky and they decided that they want to benefit from Christian holidays as well -to include the minorities uhm- as the Islamic ones, so basically have a weekened later , an international day of workers, a national day of martyrs, a semi national day for a country in the borders, spring holiday, more national holidays, international ones …  And it’s mostly suggested not to work in Ramadan ….I just love my country 
  7. Sweetness Overload: When an Arab is bei20160127-zcg75m1ng nice to you and supper friendly by complementing how you look saying: ” OMG you look so great today, what’s your beauty secret?” or ” Your hands are made of honey” – which means what you do with them food/courtier is wonderful- or ” Your hair is so soft what are you using for it?” Well here you have to trust me they really want something, expect that they will ask you to do something for them in the next upcoming days… That’s only if you sense that they’re too sweet than normal, we never give compliments easily!

But after all to me Arabs are the most compassionate people I have ever met, they get attached and they hold friendships and relationships more than any other folks.

I just love being half Arab, it’s beautiful, and I always feel a little homesick when I’m far away from my community for a while, because it’s hard to replace it. ( And you cannot compare any woman to Arab women’s beauty – sorry- ) lol

The list is big, this is all what I could think of for now, I will update it once I remember more stuffs …




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