My Music Playlist

ikramais’s playlist – music playlist.

Some songs that I really enjoy, on my top twenty list!

I hope you will enjoy them as well, I have to admit that music keeps me going everyday, music makes a huge part of my life!
it’s so inspiring, relaxing, and it makes my mind live in another world for a few minutes! which is such a great thing we must do usually!

This playlist is the one I open when I feel like I’m not in the mood or I’m having a low self-esteem, you know it’s so great to define who your favorite artists are, believe in them, in what they say and swallow the inspiration from their music, rise yourself up and kick yourself to a far limit where you can achieve what you want to achieve, music can help you to do all of that, as it did to me, I’m certain that it will do that to you…

I hope you will enjoy listening to my simple playlist…

Much Love… ❤ Ikram

Facing a hard challenge

I’m posting this poll just to view the mentality of my blog viewers 🙂 I’d be very glad if you voted
Much love ❤

The strongest girl I’ve ever met !!!!

Dear readers, as many of you know me that I’m not that kind of popular girl who has a ton girlfriend in her group, I was sitting in the university’s library as I met this mysterious girl who was reading quietly let’s call her Sia, so I decided to ask Sia about something I couldn’t understand in the book I was reading, and she started to explain to me that thing in small details, I was like waw are you at the first year as well? and she laughed and told me no I’m not, I’m actually and the second and I was like wow she has a great memory, (when someone remembers what they studied the past year it means that they were devoted to that work), so we kept on the conversation going and we spoke about a lot of stuffs in less than one hour, I don’t find a lot of people whom I feel relieved to speak to these days… the library time was off, so we had to say goodbye to each other and leave…

I didn’t even give her my number, nor my email, nothing, I looked for her a couple of times in the library, I’ve gotta admit that she had an impact on me, I wanted to get to know more about this Sia…after a few weeks she showed up near my class with a huge bag on her hands, and then she was walking toward me, and I was so happy to see her, we kept on chatting for a few minutes and than she gave me that bag telling me it was for me, and I was like what’s on it? she said all my revision resumes, copybooks, notebooks, and exam questions, I was like WHAT are you serious? seriously nobody brings you the key of how they got good grades and become the first of their classes, I was really surprised because people don’t give their stuffs usually, so I took them and I was so happy, and thanked her she told me I know you’re serious about this whole thing, you deserve these, good luck, and then she left again hurrying ….

I didn’t see her for a long time…Finally, she decided to appear the past week, and I asked her about the reason why that she was skipping lots of university courses, well she kind of ignored the question at first, but then I kept asking and insisting to know, I did not believe what she told me, she was having two jobs one in the morning and the other one after 4 pm,53938b926653e and then I saw tears on her eyes, I told her it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it I understand we all need money for certain stuffs, and you’re working and chose a decent way to get it… and then she replied no it’s fine I’ll tell you: and as she was telling me her hands were shaking, she said my parents got a divorced one I was 3 months, I was like okay lot of parents get a divorce, then she replied : yeah but I never met my parents, they threw me to my uncles, and each one of them left in its way, and as she was saying that she kept crying, I have to admit that she shook all my emotions and I cried with her, she said that her staying on her uncle’s house is paid with that money she earns, she broke my heart after hearing that, and adding to all that work she said that she was making cookies and selling them to the cookies stores, with a cheap sum, it’s so unfair, for a twenty one years old university girl to have all this suffering to study, I was wondering whom are we supposed to blame?? is it the Algerian system that is not offering enough money for these kids? or her parents who left her when she was three months old, or must we put the blame on that mean uncle that is swallowing this little girl’s energy, money and time….

Rosie the Riveter CostumeAs I was holding her hand and feeling so speechless, I told her hang in there girl because you’re very strong, don’t let all this hold you  back from where you are and who you became, and her eyes were focused on mines as she was motivated, she said no one would understand what I’m feeling unless they lived the same thing, I can’t deny that I agreed with her when she said that, but I replied, I do understand, I know what it feels like to not have love at all in your life, and be the one who has to live with the missing of intimacy, well I don’t literally know that but I had times where I felt hated, and no where was beside me, I just kept telling her to focus on her schoolwork and leave the morning work to attend her courses and explain this to her uncle, and she was listening carefully I gave her a few methods how she can satisfy him with a small amount for now, honestly her story is what I watch on movies, I could never believe that these materialist category can exist in a cultivated society as ours, well after all I don’t think they are, not all but some, I just wished that there was a way I can take Sia home with me, because a gentle and a nice person and a hard working one as her doesn’t deserve to have a life like this…..

Sia opened my eyes to see that living, and working hard is much much more than taking good grades at school, and home cooking, cleaning …. After the last time we met, she had an influence on me, though she was crying and feeling down about her situation but after a few minutes she wiped all her tears and started to smile and to make jokes like nothing of this is real,  she’s so strong, she’s strong to defeat all of this by herself and never go ask money from anyone, and does it in a very decent way, she’s so strong to keep all her grades high for the past years, she’s so strong to  live in this torturing world without being afraid, she doesn’t complain, she doesn’t get tired, but she has her moments like anyone of us do everytime things run out of control….for me being fearless is being Sia, being this strong great girl whom is unstoppable…

I learnt a lot from this young lady, she opened my eyes to a lot of stuffs I couldn’t see….I’m so happy that I’ve met her.

I think we really really really must stop complaining about how bad our lives are, and start cherishing the blessings we have around us and count them one by one and be thankful for every small one of them….it’s the best way to find what we’re looking for, to be who we are, to be strong, to be able to combat with any thing no matter what it could be! As long as we’re here we have to make a trace that we were really here.

Exams are knocking the door …..

          I’m so grateful for being able to make it to the law school, I can’t say that it’s a dream coming true but I think it’s the right   thing I should do… the exams are in two weeks from now so yeah…. tons of things to study !! 

I feel very comfortable in the law school, I enjoy what we are studying, simply all I can say is that I’m loving it! Honestly it wasn’t a dream of mine but I think it’s what I can do best! I am good at defending others, protecting rights and speaking tumblr_llrmnuseOJ1qzb5wzo1_1280for’em..

I loved science, and I still do, I’ve been in a scientific field in high school, I loved physics as well and English! the class that I didn’t like much was the maths class, well i’m not just gonna sit and complain about how our teachers were or the length of the program and the skipped lessons but let’s just put the blame on me for not working so hard and trying to do more…anyways I was good at science it opened my mind a lot… I still need scientific researches in my current studies of law, how magnificent to realize that how everything is so related, how every field is linked somehow to another one….

Law is just who I am, with all those complexities aaah ❤ …. sometimes when you think that you are at the wrong place you shouldn’t keep nagging about it, complaining, crying or even whining in my opinion that’s the most pathetic thing someone could ever do! the key to solve this dilemma is by working that half-dead brain to get solutions to lift yourself up from where you are to where you want to be…honestly, school is just not for everyone some people are made for school, 6a0120a68523f8970b0162fce3f6e3970d-800wisome others are made for building houses, some other are made for making food….. I would never believe that there is someone in this world whom isn’t made FOR DOING anything! I would never underestimate those who does hard jobs or those who cook for their living no I would never do, it’s a decent job full of gratitude!! the point is we are all here to SERVE each other, if we can’t make an impact and make a difference on someone else’s life then what’s the point? what are we living for? If we don’t wake up everyday to draw a smile on someone’s face by giving well let’s not hope that life will give us a lot !!

If you want to change your current position and you believe that you’re at the wrong place I promise you it is simple as hard as it seems the secret is in taking small steps and walk on the road god choose for you, do what you have to do, study, practice, eat well, rest a bit and then go back to work! believe in yourself while no one can believe in you as much as you can, conquer those mind-based fears…

I won’t lie and tell you that I am a hard studying person, but I will just confirm that I go to my college everyday I attend all the courses, never absented (anyone only under a special case), I listen to what my teachers tell me, I got to the library, I bring some books to home with me and I read them, I’m not perfect I’m not flawless, but I do what I can, and I try to do what I think I can’t each time and find out that I can, how motivating is that!!

Socially, I just have a few weird friends like me, lol, whom are obsessed about books and some stereotyped music bands, and other things kids call “old-fashion” yeah who cares! :p …. I’m not all the time with them but I find time to be with them… For the rest, I can communicate with anyone I have no problem with doing that, I tolerate their differences, and I like sharing thoughts and ideas with others, I always learn from’em especially if they’re old …

Studying can be very manipulating, I don’t like doing it a lot, but i’m passionate about learning new things, and I think when we are passionate about finding the truths and discussing them we’ll remember them very quickly, wish me luck in my first exams at college, I can’t tell that i’m not stressed a bit but let’s punch the monster :p , I’ll show’em who rocks that school 😉 …

Lesson learnt :Follow the path that you believe you’re good at, never let someone forces you to do something you’re not passionate about, be optimist and realistic, and do what it takes to get yourself to a higher level”

Goodnight, much of love ❤

Meditation was the Key !!!

   If someone asked me for a trick to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and any psychic issue some one may ever feel I would advise them simple to “MEDITATE” ….

For me meditation is going to some quiet place, relax, forget about the whole universe for a little while, put some classical music on, and clear your mind, just let the positive thoughts flow to your mind, let yourself BE, let all your body relax, your hands, your muscles, your head, breathe in slowly, inhale, now meditationexhale……

it’s lots of positive vibes flowing into your mind and your body, you will feel that you’re energized with positivism and strength… what a wonderful thing you can sens !!

It’s all about picking up the right place and the right time to meditate…it’s always great to do it but if you’re feeling very stressed or afraid of something, or having lots of worries, or having a bad day, I suggest for you to do it…. especially outside of your house, go to the nature, some small forest, in front of some long river or just a place where you can see the sunset, I have to admit that there isn’t any other thing in the whole world that amazes me more than the sunsets, the sunsets electrifies me in a spectacular way that opens my mind and make me wonder about how great our creator is…. What a magnificent lord ! o-MEDITATION-facebook

As I always say, fear is just in our minds, it doesn’t exist, together with hands tied and open minds we might be able to feel more fearless in our blessed days ….. how great to wake up healthy everyday to see the world, how blessed we are, we just can’t thank god enough for everything he’s giving us….

I believe that meditation is a healthy nutrition for the spirit, everyone should put it on their diets.

Nature inspires me

I have to admit that sometimes I get that sense of exhaustion of going to college everyday crossing a long distance to attend my courses and some teachers may not come sometimes….
But then I search deep inside why am I doing this ?? Why am I here?? What does it all mean to me? The answer is always the same it’s what I’m living for, and I would like to keep it private because it’s not that personal but I have a special intimacy with that subject if I start talking about I won’t stop lol… Honestly I have to admit that te nature inspire me a lot like nothing else does, it’s so beautiful if I would do one single thing without stopping for my whole life it would be looking to what god has created looking to these spectacular sights, this magnificent nature, those green fields, that huge skies with all the changes of the seasons, the sea with those high waves, the rivers and its whistling sound, I love to wake up everyday to see a beautiful piece of nature that feeds my soul and make me breathe well, all the exhaustion, the loneliness and the stress fade away when I meditate, when I look to what god has created. I’m so grateful for being able to see I can’t take god enough for that. Such a bless.
Lesson learned: ” be fearless, find your inspiration”.


Move over latte art, it’s all about toast art now!

They’re eating Manga now!
How amazing!


Move over latte art, it’s all about toast art now!The newest food decorating trend to come out of Japan since latte art is, surprisingly, toast art. But this isn’t just any plain old toast with butter and maybe a swirl of jam that vaguely resembles a smiley face (but I still appreciate all those years of happy toast, mom!). No, the toast decorations created by Twitter user ginkei_18 are embellished with popular anime characters from Free!, Uta no Prince-sama, Gin Tama and Attack on Titan. Even if you don’t recognize any of the characters, ginkei_18’s ability to skillfully draw directly onto a piece of bread is amazing.

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