Adjust your focus…This is the AI Algerian Section

    Recently I have been to the capital city of Algeria for a formation with the AI members, our organization is nongovernmental organization that seek for protecting human rights from all over the world… one page isn’t enough to express all what I learned from this experience… 

We live in a world full of injustice and most of us are pretty aware of it, but only a few whom are reacting on that….

Each single morning I wake up with that feeling of wanting to change what’s going around me, the first thing I had to explore in the path of changing, was changing myself, who am I, how I want to be, and what I want to do not how I want to be seen.

I have to admit that I feel responsible for each violated right around the world for not moving a finger over it… The past year I have discovered this amazing association that defends our rights world-wildly with 7 million militants from all over the world and it’s absolutely the best decision I have ever made by joining them and be a part of that changing! how magnificent that feeling can ever be !! 11071597_660416104088088_4365706846434245888_n

I met these amazing people in Algiers the past week at a formation, a multicultural meeting from different regions from Algeria, honestly for the first time I felt like I am deeply connected to a group of strangers who later I felt like we are one sacred family that aims for one sacred goal which is the changing, and making from this world a better place to live at.

Amnesty is what I am, who I want to be and all I want to do…

Be fearless be worthy, be a part of a great changing, be the one that everyone needs, the world needs you, you can be a great shoulder to lean on toward the path of changing do not underestimate yourself ever !! You can be a part of us ! we empower one another we make the changing 🙂 !!!

To all my Kabyle friends: Hamlaghkoun